Shopping In-Store

How does it work?

To create your waste awareness shopping experience, our products are in bulk containers, ranging from large glass jars to food bins. It is most ideal for you to bring your own containers from home to refill however, we do offer alternatives in-store to help you with your shopping experience.









How to:

Bring in your own containers / The Storeroom options 

1) Weigh - Bring your container to the counter and we will pre-weight it.
We have a range of options in-store, you can choose a recycled glass jar from our 'Jar Library', buy a Storeroom jar, or pick a paper bag. 
2) Fill -  Now you can fill your container with your chosen product.
3) Pay - Bring your filled containers to the counter where we will deduct the pre-weight. That means you are only charged for the product.