Shopping The Storeroom way

How does it work?

To create a Waste Free Shopping experience, our products are in bulk containers, ranging from large glass jars to food bins. 
Ideally we ask for you to bring your own containers from home to refill but we do offer alternatives in store. The added bonus of shopping this way, is you are only purchasing what you need. 

How to Shop Instore.


1) Weigh - Bring your container to the counter and we will pre-weight it.
2) Fill -  Now you can fill your container with your product
3) Pay - When you are ready bring your containers to the counter where we deduct the original weight, and charge only for what you have put in. 


1) Choosing your option - We have a range of options instore, you can choose a recycled Glass Jar from our 'Jar Library' , buy a Storeroom jar, or pick a paper bag. 
2) Fill - Now you can fill with your product

3) Pay - Bring your purchases to the counter and we will weigh them for you and charge with only what you have put in.