Covid 19 - How we are managing the different levels

Level 1

Pretty much back to normal, but we ask you to still use the QR Tracker and use the hand sanitiser. 

Level 2

How it will work,  we ask you to

1) Use the QR Tracer or the sign in sheet,

2) Use the hand sanitizer, and ensure your Bags and containers are clean. Please use the spray if needed.

3) All of the scoops have been removed and are for single use only. We can explain this when you are in store.

4) We ask you to please use the usual protocols with Physical distancing, staying home if unwell etc.

5) Contact us for any orders or questions. 


Level 3 

We accept any orders, either by phone, online or via email. But unfortunately no one in the store. 

Level 4

Pretty much the same as Level 3


Thanks for your continued support, Erin and the team