About Us

Our family have been on a waste awareness journey for a number of years. Once we decided to make more of an effort in how we purchase our products, it was amazing how quickly our rubbish waste dropped.
The first change was to switch from brought bread to homemade. Next we stopped buying milk in plastic bottles. We sourced raw milk from a local supplier, and when needed use milk powder. We have always baked but now we very rarely buy those 'lunchbox' snacks. Once we make these changes become a habit we then tackle the next change.
It was during this time that we decided to start a shop, that you can come in and purchase the exact amount or price needed. Bringing in your own containers or bags. We know of more and more people that are needing more specialty foods and ingredients due to allergies or by choice. We want to be able to offer an alternative to what they could normally get at the bigger stores.
We also want our shop to be a place where you can come and chat and share what you may have learnt along your own journey.
We understand that the whole ‘Zero Waste’ can seem daunting and just too much to overcome, but we believe that if you pick just one small change that you can do, make that change a habit, and then that habit becomes normal. Then tackle the next small change. One small change makes a difference.
If our family can change the way we think about our purchases then it is possible for any one to give it a go.
We invite you to join us on this journey.
Love from the Gibsons