About Us

Welcome to The Storeroom and our family!

I have been married to my husband Hamish for 23 years. We have two adult daughters  Dana and Hayley, and we are grandparents to our gorgeous grandson Harvey.

At school, I had a huge passion for food and nutrition. I started my career in hospitality with great intentions of becoming a chef or baker. However, this quickly changed when I met my husband, became a farmer and a mother. We farmed together for 25 years and retired from farming in May, 2020. During this time, I had a number of positions off the farm which involved some form of hospitality/nutrition.

Along this journey to where I am now, I have come to understand food intolerances to some extent. I am no expert in this field (mostly self-taught) however, there is always something to learn. After farming, I decided to return to my passion for food and to start a speciality food store to help those with food intolerances/special food needs.

I care very much about the environment and the shop aligns with my values around waste minimisation and NZ eco-friendly products. I love when people come in store and are as passionate about food and sustainability as I am.

I approached the previous owner (Erin) to be my mentor towards opening a store and after much discussion she offered me this amazing place called ‘The Storeroom’.

The ethos of my journey and The Storeroom is:  



Join us at The Storeroom, we look forward to meeting you all.

All the best,

Lisa and Family.