One Year On

Jeepers, how on earth to it get to be 1 year already? Time truly has flown by so fast, a short time ago it felt like we would never get the shop open, and someone else would beat us to it. Now we are days away from celebrating our first year and it such a mix of emotions. Excitement, pride, tiredness and more plans! 

The past year we have met some truly amazing people, and some of those people have now became very very good friends. I always believe that like minded people find like minded people and never before has that proven to be so true. 

Every day we chat to such a diverse range of people on all walks of life, and it is truly satisfying to be able to help and guide them on their journeys. 

I wont lie, some days it is a huge juggle to get to the shop on time and get through the day without a wee nap in the playpen haha. Some days I don't stop all day and am on my feet from start to end but to help just 1 person who has been struggling to find a product or pass on advice or jus to have a laugh and cheer someone up makes it all worth it.  


Some of you have realised that we are always looking at ways to improve the shop, and grow. Some of you have realised that my brain is always thinking so we have some exciting news about our next step and where the business is heading. So be sure to like and follow us on social media to find out what is next for The Storeroom